Welcome to the 3rd E-ISFA Congress in Dresden!

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

Unfortunately the 3rd Congress of the European Group of the International Society for Apheresis had to be canceled in March 2020 due to the Corona Virus pandemic. We had experienced a great support from the industry and an overwhelming interest from presenters and attendants. We do hope that all of you who were willing to come to Dresden will continue their commitment in March 2021. Due to the ongoing international crisis with the Corona Virus we decided to perform the conference on an online-platform on four days (with limited hours per day).

Thus it is my pleasure to invite you to take part online. The scientific program will consist of oral presentations and posters. Possibilities to discuss topics with the presenters will be offered. The industrial exhibition will be a part of the meeting and will be accessible online as well.

Therapeutic Apheresis represents a field with remarkable new developments in the last years. New approaches, like for instance the CPR-apheresis, appeared to be rather effective with respect to outcome data. Lipoprotein apheresis will be in the focus of several presentations. We plan interactive discussions focusing on patients who suffered from stroke or who developed new cardiovascular events despite being treated with an extracorporeal method.

The role of the lipoprotein apheresis on the background of recently introduced lipid-lowering drugs, like PCSK9 inhibitors, bempedoic acid, lomitapide, and new formulations of omega-3 fatty acids, will be discussed. Other new drugs like antisense oligonucleotides against Apo CIII and apo(a) will also be presented. Data from new studies will be summarized.

The contributions on drugs will be in English and – in addition for German participants – in German.

The meeting will include presentations on current aspects of immunoadsorption in auto-immune diseases. Sessions will be dedicated to the application of therapeutic apheresis in patients with multiple sclerosis and Morbus Alzheimer.

Moreover, cell therapy and extracorporeal photopheresis will be dealt with.

There will be special sessions for medical staff – in general in German. The industry is requested to perform workshops with specified topics.

The organizers do hope that other aspects of interest to the participants will be proposed by people intending to attend the meeting.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the first virtual E-ISFA congress 2021!

Ulrich Julius
Congress president


Dear nursing colleagues,

The work of the medical staff has a proven significant influence on the quality of treatment in the apheresis unit. In recent years, the number of patients and the range of therapies have increased significantly. The associated increased demands on us are clearly felt. That’s why it’s all the more important to share our knowledge and experience at this congress. Our aim is to always ensure maximum patient safety and optimal treatment with increasing work intensity and increasing shortage of skilled workers.

We are pleased to welcome you as guests of the virtual E-ISFA Congress 2021!

Kerstin Johne and Joerg Mueller
Team of the Lipoprotein apheresis Unit at the University Hospital an der Technischen Universität Dresden (Germany).