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E-IFSA International Society for Apheresis

The European Group – International Society for Apheresis e.V. (E-ISFA) is a non-profit association and an autonomous subdivision of the International Society for Apheresis (ISFA), with ISFA, as an international non-profit specialist society headquartered in Japan, promoting the development of apheresis according to its articles of association.
The society is engaged in the promotion of science and research as well as medical technical training and further training in the subject areas and fields of activity concerning apheresis and extracorporeal therapy. It is concerned with all clinical, scientific, technical and organisational matters in that field. This is achieved particularly through the association’s own, directly organised scientific events and publications as well as the scientific cooperation with other associations which are active in the same field. The association holds its own, directly organised seminars, workshops, symposiums and congresses or offer specific symposiums as part of scientific congresses of other fields.


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About ISFA

ISFA is the only one international society for apheresis mainly composed of individual members. Founded in 1996 to disseminate the most up-to-date apheresis technologies and their clinical applications so that all may benefit from the effort of ISFA. Almost 500 members from all over the world join us today.

ISFA’s sole mission is to serve and satisfy the needs of the members of the Society and others involved in the field of apheresis technologies.

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